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Why Choose Us?

Get top dollar for your used smartphone.

We offer some of the most competitive prices around.

Everything is secure, protected and automated

We take multiple steps to ensure your transaction is fast and fair..

Support Staff is available 5 days a week

In the rare event of an issue we can solve it quickly for you.

Samsung Galaxy Buyback

Some questions you may have

Your payment is processed within 24-48hrs from the date we test and confirm your devices.

You will be receiving emails from start to finish.

Alternatively you are also able to get updates and payment status anytime by logging into your account online.

3 Day Phone Back Promise :
If your device fails our testing (differs from what you have stated), we will contact you.
You will be given the option to accept the adjusted price, or have your device(s) returned.

There is no fee for the return of your product(s).
If we havent heard from you after 3 days, we will continue to process the device at our adjusted price.


All devices are wiped upon delivery as part of our checkin process.